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My favourite type of bike ride has to include beautiful country lanes, picturesque villages, awe- inspiring views, and not to mention minimal hills! This Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route has it all, and has to be one of my favourite UK cycling routes this summer. I was extremely lucky with the weather, but this route can be enjoyed all-year-round, there is so much to see! you can customise this route for a shorter Stonehenge day trip, or enjoy the full 46km ride for a slightly more challenging bike ride.

Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route Destination Downtime


This route incorporates Salisbury, Amesbury, Bulford and Stonehenge. The starting point for this route is Salisbury, a medieval cathedral city in the southern English county of Wiltshire. Although this route doesn’t incorporate the city centre, I would recommend exploring the city if you get chance. Salisbury has stunning architecture, in particular its beautiful cathedral. The city centre has a lovely market square with several bars and restaurants offering outside seating, the perfect day trip to enjoy a drink in the sunshine with a lovely uplifting atmosphere.


I expect you have probably heard of the famous Stonehenge! If you haven’t Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. It was built in several stages: the first monument was an early henge monument, built about 5,000 years ago, and the unique stone circle was built in the late Neolithic period about 2500 BC. In the early Bronze Age many burial mounds were built nearby. Stonehenge is the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world and there is so much information available on the internet if this is something you are interested in finding more about. There is a £19 charge to walk around the monument, however, this bike ride stays on the outside of the fence (which still allows a good view of Stonehenge).


The starting point for this Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route is Five River Leisure Centre in Salisbury, situated on Hulse Road, (SP1 3NR). From here you can easily access the path (Cycle network route 45) which continues along the river, starting at the car park entrance. You need to follow the River Avon for the beginning of this route which will take you across cycle paths, gravel, fields and decking. This makes for a lovely varied cycle ride, with beautiful views of the river and surrounding countryside as it guides you out of the city. Full directions can be found at the bottom of page!

Duration: 3 hours

Distance: 46km

Terrain: Trails, country lanes and quiet country roads.

Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route
Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route

There are so many amazing properties on this route, plenty of pretty thatched cottages and the occasional impressive gated estates!

Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route


Pack a picnic to enjoy at your own leisure, or visit The Bridge Inn in Upper Woodford for a cold cider by the river… you’ve earned it! As if this route wasn’t beautiful enough, there’s free apples offered by North Farm House for a snack on the way back.

Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route
Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route


You can join the Cycle Network route 45 at Five River Leisure Centre, or alternatively at Sainsbury’s car park. This is a joint cycle and pedestrian path which meanders along the river.

1. Follow the path passing Pembroke Park Primary school playing fields. The track will lead you across gravel, grass and decking. (some is a little bumpy)

2. The path will lead you to a bridge where you will cross over the shallow river, this will take you down a narrow path which joins a country lane. When you reach the road you will pass Stratford-sub-castle Primary School on your left. Continue to follow the road (Beech Walk Road), you will loose sight of the River but it will be to your left when looking at the map.

3. When you reach Upper Woodford, cross over the bridge where you will see the Bridge Inn pub and beer garden. Cycle past the pub following the road.

4. When you reach West Amesbury, take a left to join the A303 and cycle towards Stonehenge. When you see Stonehenge cross the road and continue up the grass track towards the monument.

5. Follow the grass track passing Stonehenge on your left hand side through the fields towards the Stonehenge coach drop off point. Continue to pass the Stonehenge visitors centre on your left hand side and turn right at the roundabout.

6. Take the next right (The Packway) passing through Larkhill, heading straight over the roundabout.

7. Continue towards Bulford by following Salisbury Road, follow this road until you reach Amesbury.

8. When you reach Amesbury stay on Underwood Drive and Stockport Avenue, after passing the sign for Amesbury as you exit, take the next right which leads down a country lane. Continue to follow this road which will connect to the route you started on at the beginning of the bike ride. you should be able to easily navigate back to your start point from here.

Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route


Hayball Cyclesport is situated in Salisbury (SP1 1HG) and offers bike hire, you can check out their website by clicking the underlined link for further information. Another bike hire option is Nash Cycles, check out their website link for further information.


Make sure you take plenty of water for this day trip as this route takes around 3 hours to complete. Protein bars and bananas make for great easy snacks to eat on the go. Bring money/card incase you want to make a pub stop.

Planning to try this Salisbury to Stonehenge cycle route? Please leave a comment below.

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