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Devon is the perfect scenic spot to explore endless rolling countryside and charming villages by kayak. This River Dart kayaking guide provides a recommended route which is tried, tested and loved by Destination Downtime. For beginners looking to embark on their first adventure, it is recommended that you conduct research to ensure you choose the best hire company, or choose the correct kayak to purchase.

River Dart kayaking guide


Totnes Kayaks offer a range of single and double kayaks which you can hire for between 2-6 hours. You also have the piece of mind of a safety boat on standby at all times, as well as monitoring of the weather and tidal conditions.


Single Sit On Top Kayak (1 Person) – 2 hours £28.50, 3 hours £32.50, 6 hours £40.00.

Double Sit On Top Kayak (2 People) – 2 hours £45.00, 3 hour £55.00, 6 hours £65.00.

Family Rate (2 Adults plus 2 Children) 2 X Double Sit On Top Kayak’s – 2 hours £60.00, 3 hours, £80.00, 6 hours £95.00.

Group Hire Available (6 People +) Price for 3 X Double Kayaks for 1/2 Day – 2 hours £20.00 each, 3 hours £25.00 each, 6 hours £30.00 each.


If you already own a kayak, you can skip to the route below. 

If kayaking is an activity you have tried before and love, purchasing your own kayak could be a worthwhile investment. You will have the opportunity to explore more places as you will be less restricted to staying within the parameter of the kayak hire company. Some factors to consider when looking to purchase a kayak.

  • Do you have the necessary storage space to store the kayak?
  • Would a single or double kayak be more suitable for your activities?
  • Have you got a vehicle with suitable roof bars for transportation?
  • Have you considered the cost of essential accessories you will need to purchase? For example life jackets, roof bars, straps and storage.


The River Dart in Devon is the idyllic location for this highly recommended kayaking route. Starting at Stoke Gabriel and travelling to Dittisham, this day trip is great fun for all the family. Stoke Gabriel is a quintessential English village, situated in beautiful countryside and positioned on a creek of the River Dart. You’ll see plenty of green rolling hills, winding streets and picturesque riverbank tails.
Distance: 5/6 miles 
Duration: 2 hours 
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate 


The Starting point for this route is also home to Totnes Kayaks, this is particular useful if you will be hiring your equipment for they day, they will also be able to answer any questions you may have before setting off. 
Address: Stoke Hill, Stoke Gabriel TQ9 6RD.


Stoke Gabriel is the perfect starting point as you will be able to park close to the water, this makes it easy to launch your kayak down the decked area and into the river.
Photographs from the route.
River Dart kayaking guide
River Dart kayaking guide


The beauty of this route is its simplicity, taking little to no navigation skills when you are out on the River. Simply drop your kayak into the water at the launch spot in Stoke Gabriel, and embark on your adventure down the river.

Pack a picnic for when you arrive at Dittisham, or why not check out the local pub. The Ferry Inn is a traditional community pub with a family friendly bar and stunning views. (It’s bright pink and impossible to miss.) ⁣When you arrive at Dittisham be careful of the muddy river banks, make sure you navigate your kayak to a suitable dry area of land to avoid getting unnecessarily muddy. 
Photographs from the route. 
River Dart kayaking guide
River Dart kayaking guide

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