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To cut a long story short, what you need to know before booking a Maverick Race is… that you should book without hesitation, in the confidence that you’re going to have an awesome experience, because these guys know how to pull off a fantastic event (and no, I haven’t been paid to say that). I’ll be sharing with you my experience of Maverick from running 4 Maverick Races in 2022, all very different, and all I would enter again without hesitation. And the best part is, I plan to enter even more races later in the year with Maverick, when they have more events taking place in my neck of the woods, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

At Maverick Race they are all about celebrating the great outdoors and all the British countryside has to offer, which is why their races are based in the most beautifully scenic spots dotted across the country. There are multiple length races you can participate in on the day, and different types of races you can enter, from their Original, to X-Series if you’re after a bigger challenge. One thing all the Maverick Races have in common is that the routes are well marshalled, packed with great views, and you can probably expect to get a bit muddy. I must warn you, that after running some of these incredible trails, your standard run around the park might not cut it anymore!


You can expect to find a photographer dotted around the course at the Maverick Race events. Event photography has got to be something I have a love hate relationship with, great when they catch you looking fresh at the beginning of the race, not so great towards the end when your slogging through the last couple of miles! Let’s be honest running isn’t always the most flattering, having said that the photographs from the Maverick events always look great and awesome quality, so if you get a flattering shot, you are winning! Some images used in this blog post are photographs taken by the Maverick photographer. 

Check out the Maverick Race official photography here.


Maverick is sponsored by Adidas Terrexs, so you can expect some pretty cool perks. At all the races I have been to, they offer the opportunity to test out some Adidas Terrex trainers on the trails. This is a great chance to try before you buy, and although the test trainers aren’t new, they are still in pretty good condition. You can also take a pair of your old trainers to Maverick events and trade them in for an Adidas voucher, I haven’t yet done this, but I believe it’s on a first come first serve basis with limited vouchers available at each event. There are plenty of other event sponsors who are also worth a mention, such as Barbells, Days, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Mojo Drinks, so expect some awesome added extras at the finish line.


You can always expect a fantastic race day atmosphere at Maverick events. Although smaller than large road race events, the little race day village has all you need, including facilities, food and serval stalls including Adidas Terrex. Atmosphere is something you can’t as easily buy, and so many different factors come together to create a great environment for runners on the day, including of course the runners themselves!

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