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Destination Downtime teamed up with Lake District local Emily, from Emily Lives Lakes, to explore the best Lake District walks for beginners. There is nothing more valuable than local knowledge when you are planning to visit somewhere new, it can be hard to find the best walking routes and view points especially when trawling through Google, build your trip around local knowledge and recommendations and you can’t go far wrong.

Lake District walks for beginners

Can you let us in on the best Lake District walks for beginners?


A popular, easy route set above the town of Windermere is a perfect morning stroll. From the top, you can see almost the length of Windermere, and you haven’t even had to climb too high! It’s a fairly short walk (around an hour or so) and does kick up a tiny bit towards the end. Look out for the friendly Robins at the foot of the hill! People often leave seed for them and they have become so used to human company they almost join you on your walk!


Another popular one just up from Newby Bridge at the bottom of Windermere. This is another short one with views that you almost feel like you haven’t earned!! It’s a steady climb for around 45 mins that takes you up right above Windermere. You almost feel like if you jumped, you’d dive gracefully into the water below (you definitely wouldn’t!)! It’s a great spot to watch boats going up and down; rowing boats, sailing boats, the ferry, all feel like little toys below you! Look out for herd of Luing cattle that graze the fell as part of its land management.

Lake District walks for beginners Gummers Howe



Kicking it up a notch for those looking for a longer walk, Coniston Old Man standing at 2,633 ft is a popular Wainwright. Parking for the route is easy in Coniston itself. The walk it quite steep but offers great panoramic views from the top of the surrounding fells. On the way back down, you’ll see the remains of the area’s history in copper mining with bits of industrial architecture.


One of the big ones, another Wainwright standing at 3117 ft is a popular one. The whole walk is a pretty long and steep one and I’m going to concentrate on the ridges at the top. Curving around one side of Red Tarn is Striding Edge, the infamous challenge of difficult, rocky, narrow walkway. I would recommend this scramble for people that do have experience in walking, and it’s generally recommended to do it on a mild and dry day. Swirral Edge, on the other side of Red Tarn is a less narrow, but still rocky step ascent up. Both require a scramble, and whilst Swirral Edge is generally seen as the less difficult route, it’s steepness still requires the same level of care! The summit opens out into a wide, flat piece of land, that on a clear day gives you views over the top of all the surrounding fells and honestly is unbeatable.

Lake District walks for beginners

Thank you to Emily, from Emily Lives Lakes for giving us some valuable insights into the best Lake District walks for beginners.

Lake District walks for beginners – Please leave you suggestions for awesome walking routes.