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The beautiful Lake District attracts an abundance of adventurers throughout the year, seeking to explore the towering summits that make the county of Cumbria so iconic. Explore the top 10 Lake District highest peaks, each offering a different perspective of the spectacular landscape that is home to some of Britains best walks.

Lake District highest peaks feature

Kicking off the Lake District highest peaks…


Height: 978m & 964m

Location: Lake District – South West

These two impressive peaks are situated just a stones throw apart, Scafell Pike is marginally taller reaching 978m, winning the crown of England’s highest mountain. Scafell Pike attracts an abundance of adventurers looking to scale the wild and rocky crests which make this peak so popular. From the summit you can see as far as Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland and Snowdonia in Wales.

How long does it take to hike to Scafell Pike? Around 5 hours. There are two main routes your can take, Wasdales Head and Seathwaite in Borrowdale.

What is the walking distance to the peak of Scafell Pike? Depending on your route around 12km.


Height: 950m

Location: Lake District – North East

Helvellyn is the third highest point in the Lake District at 950m. This well-known peak was named England’s most popular fell-walk in 2018. From the highest point you will be rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the Lake District. On a very clear day it is believed that you can see to the south-west of Scotland and the Pennines. 

How long does it take to hike Helvellyn? On average around 3.5 hours.

What is the walking distance to the peak of Helvellyn? The shortest route is 3.5km from Thirlmere, for a longer route via Striding Edge the distance is 6.5km. 


Helvellyn Lower Man is a child summit of Helvellyn.


Height: 935m & 934m

Location: Lake District – South West

Ill Crag and Broad Crag are the fourth and fifth highest peaks in England overlooking Eskdale. Ill Crag can be climbed en route to Scafell Pike, its rocky peak is a challenging and long climb and it is said be one of the finest ‘hard’ scrambles in the Lake District. “Ill Crags a favourite of Eric Shipton and Broad Stand being arguably the place where scrambling was born.”

How far is it to reach the peak of Ill Crag and Broad Crag? The recommended hiking route is around 13.5km with a lot of ascent and descent.


Height: 931m

Location: Lake District – North West

Skiddaw is the sixth highest mountain in the Lake District and is situated just north of the town of Keswick. Skiddaw dominates the skyline with its towering peaks, it is one of the best mountains to tackle if you are relatively new to hiking as there is a well-trodden tourist track.

How long does it take to hike Skiddaw? Depending on the route you take and your level of fitness, anywhere from a couple of hours to 5-6 hours. 

How far is it to reach the peak of Skiddaw? The direct route from Millbeck is only 3.7km, some of the other paths are over 10km.

What is the easiest walking route? Jenkin Hill Path, you can even start at the higher car park on Gale Road.


Height: 910m

Location: Lake District – South West

The north face of Great End attracts many climbers and is a popular spot for wild camping. It is the most northerly mountain in the Scafell chain and the eighth highest in England. Great End is often reached by people who are mainly heading for Scafell Pike.

Where shall I begin the hike and what is the distance? The hike from Seathwaite to Great End is 12km. 


Height: 910m

Location: Lake District – South West

This dome shaped peak is the Lake Districts tenth highest mountain and one of Cumbrias most iconic landmarks. Standing tall above Wasdale, the view from the peak is spectacular. Most of the hiking routes are relatively short, however, you can extend your route to include Napes Needle for a longer outing.

How far is it to reach the peak of Great Gabel? The majority of short routes are around 3.5km 

What is the best walking route? The Gillercomb route from Seathwaite is a convenient starting point and the route offers stunning views.  

Have you hiked any of the Lake District highest peaks? Please leave a comment below with your favourite route.