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It’s an easy assumption to make that the UK won’t provide the same level of luxury and glorious sunshine that a tropical honeymoon can provide, however, there are so many fantastic budget honeymoon destinations in England to choose from. Yes, the United Kingdom is renowned for being rainy, but if you’re lucky enough to catch a sunny spell, you can easily feel like you are anywhere in the world.

Budget honeymoon destinations in England

In these unprecedented times that we are currently living in, so many people are choosing to tighten the purse strings and look a little closer to home when booking a break. What could be better than cutting out the cost of travel expenses and painful airport transfers and in the process saving yourself a buck. England has so much to offer and an abundance of unique, quirky, and luxurious accommodation that is just waiting to be discovered.

Do you still have unfulfilled visions of tropical island hopping on your honeymoon? Why not consider a UK minimoon in the meantime. A lower cost break which will avoid the implications that longer distance travel can sometimes create.

Budget honeymoon destinations in England…


Think dreamy chocolate box cottages, quirky cobbled streets, quintessential english villages, and roaring log burners. The beauty of a honeymoon in the Cotswolds is that it is absolutely magical all year round. If you’re blessed with beautiful sunshine you can explore the blissful tranquility of the English countryside, if its raining spend quality time cosied up by the open fire.


If you love the great outdoors and are in your element when out exploring, The Lake District is probably a destination you are familiar with, famous for its lakes, forests, and mountains. The Lake District is a playground for the adventurous and what better way to explore than with your new husband or wife.


Transport yourself away from the hustle and bustle of city life, without stepping foot in the airport. Cornwall really is one of those destinations that can make you feel like you are anywhere in the world. Home to an abundance of sandy beaches, turquoise ocean, hidden coves and spectacular views, The Isles of Scilly are a popular honeymoon spot and one that feels particularly special. Situated just off the Cornish coast, The Isles of Scilly are just a stoned throw away, however, its unspoilt and beautiful scenery will make you feel like you are a million miles away.


Enjoy the Exquisite architecture in York with your other half. Frequently listed as one of the most romantic cities in England, York is a fanatic budget honeymoon destination. Whether you’re after a city centre hotel full of charm and immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city, or something a little more low key, York offers a variety of accommodation to fulfil your honeymoon dreams.


Spend less time travelling and more time honeymooning! Long distance travel often eats away into the time you actually spend enjoying your break. Consider the amount of time you will spend travelling to the airport, in the airport, transfers, and then there’s the time you spend recovering from all the travel! It adds up to a lot of hours and often days, which means to make it worthwhile you need to go for a good amount of time.

Save money, or use your travel savings to increase the accommodation budget. Flights to some of the most popular honeymoon destinations can be pricey. By staying the UK you can save a lot of money that you would have spent on flights. If the budget is not your main focus, you can put your travel saving towards your UK accommodation and book something truly spectacular.

There are plenty of perfect UK honeymoon destinations all year round. The majority of honeymoons take place in the summer months to ensure unbroken sunshine, but if you think a little outside the box your UK honeymoon can take place anytime during the year. Swap the sunshine for a very British cosy cottage break.

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